Week 1: Informal Mindfulness

As the week progresses, I thought it would be good to check in and give an inside look at my process to creating my monthly spread. Below is a gallery of the steps I take to create the look and feel that I want for the next month. I have been following a blog that teaches about formal and informal practices of mindfulness. It can be as easy as appreciating the smell or feel of something you do everyday. I took this to heart while creating my February spread. I really tried to feel the pen in my hand, and make each line, design, or shape meaningful. I took time to look up all major events to add to my “month at a glance” page making sure that I wouldn’t forget a birthday as there are lots in my circle this month. I chose the colors that felt like February to me, I was very thoughtful about which ones I chose because I will be using them all month (it wasn’t too much of a strain to choose though because February always feels like a lot of pink and reds to me). All in all, making my February page took about an hour and a half. I had a mug of cold brew coffee to enjoy while taking a break from designing my page, I took this also as another opportunity to practice informal mindfulness while making everyday tasks into something really special.

I almost always start my pages in pencil so that if I make a mistake I can redo it.
Add a little ink to make the important stuff pop!
And finally some color to get the mood of the page across.
I added all the big dates I want to remember at a glance. The other, day-to-day, things will go in my weekly spreads.
Details, details, details!

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